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It's 1:12 in the morning but I felt the need to open up my laptop to say this.

I hate the xxxHolic live action series.


Goddamit, I don't know what drugs the scriptwriter was on but WHAT THE EFFIN HELL, all of the episodes were practically re-written to center around HIMAWARI.

Following what I know of the anime (because I haven't have the time to read the manga yet), ALL of the episodes used in the live action were supposedly centered on building the trust and relationship between Watanuki and Doumeki--Angel-san, Hydrangea and Yellow spider specifically. I HAVE BEEN ALL GIDDY WITH DELIGHT WHEN I FOUND OUT THEY INCLUDED THE SPIDER EPISODE. The part where Watanuki sacrificed his right eye in exchange for Doumeki's sight and then Doumeki offering half his sight for his? I WAS SO READY TO SEE IT IN LIVE ACTION I WAS PRACTICALLY VIBRATING WITH EXCITEMENT. And then... THAT PIECE OF ASDFGHJKL HAPPENED.. D8 HIMAWARI WASN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE IN MOST OF THOSE EPISODES.

I have never been this disappointment with a live action before. Yes, the look and feel of the drama was great but I feel that the script just DESTROYED IT.

Ugh. Anyway. I'm going back to sleep now and wallow in misery. That was a waste of my time. Well, at least I enjoyed the eye candy that was Doumeki's character (although he was too expressive/talkative for the original Doumeki :/) Also, he looked like Jun in some angles. A manlier Jun...*wiggles eyebrows* 8D
gawddamit MANLY JUN LOOK A LIKE YASS \(*w * )/
(one of the very FEW Douwata moments of the drama ;_; *sniff*)

On a slightly better news: I LOVE 'Aitai'! :D Suga Shikao's songs for xxxholic are really awesome! 19sai from the 1st season of the anime is my fave. <3
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Hello f-list.

I previously made an update post last week on what I've been doing recently. One thing I've forgotten to mention is my weird and morbid obsession for the Five Nights at Freddy (FNAF)'s franchise. <3

For those who don't know much about it, well, FNAF is a point-and-click horror game which recently garnered a lot of attention and a strong fanbase, not only for its creepy gameplay but also for its mysterious plot.

First of all, no, I am not a gamer. Yes, you heard that right--I have never played a FNAF game. No, nada, HINDI. That's why I'm getting most of my theories from images floating around the web, let's play videos and video/forum fan-made theories. Disclaimer aside, with the release of the FNAF 3 game and the recent announcement of FNAF 4 as the final game in the series, I started wondering if I can piece together my own plausible theories.

Yes, this is what I've been doing recently (aside from fangirling arashi that is. <3)

Plot summary of the FNAF 1 from Wikipedia:

The main character, whose name is later revealed to be Mike Schmidt, has started a job working as a night watch security guard at the restaurant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (a pastiche of restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese's). A voicemail message left by Mike's predecessor explains that the animatronic animal characters used at the restaurant, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and the disused Foxy, are able to roam freely around it at night, because if they were left off for too long, their servo motors would lock up. He also adds that the animatronics were no longer allowed to roam freely during the day following an incident referred to as the "Bite of '87", which apparently involved the loss of someone's frontal lobe. The employee warns Mike that if one of the robots encounters a human, they will automatically assume that it is an endoskeleton that is not in costume yet, and "forcefully stuff them" into a spare mechanical Freddy Fazbear costume, killing the person in the process.

Newspaper clippings in the background of one of the scenes reveal that the restaurant was site to the disappearances of five children whose bodies were never found, after a man dressed as one of the animatronics lured them into a back room and reportedly murdered them. Later, the restaurant received complaints that the animatronics began to smell foul and became stained with blood and mucus around the eyes and mouth, with one customer comparing them to "reanimated carcasses"


So, without further ado, here are some theories:

1) Phone Guys tells you to "check the suits." Management fires you for doing just that. )

Whelp. That's all for now. There's five months before the release of FNAF 4. Looking forward to more teasers to oil more theories around the web. 8Db Hell yasss.

(Sorry for the length. Been so annoyed with life and work in general, it made me want to write this kick-ass long post. lol A nice break from writing press releases and stuff that doesn't really interest me. :/)
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He chuckles and she giggles, tucking her hair behind her ear. Laughter in the background. Escalate.

She sits back and he continues, tugging at the frayed edges of the shirt she was wearing. She laughs and replies with a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. Unnoticed.

Someone grabs her bag; brandishes it for the world to see. ‘Un-girly’, they joked. She laughs with them, shifting a bit in her seat. Judgement.

The bell rings. She walks home alone, her ears still ringing with their words, just like the day before. Sighing, she hopes tomorrow will be different. Rinse and repeat.

/story in 100 words. like wtf am I doing with my life? XD
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So, I'm at my new job now.

I guess you could say it's a step up. Five months into it, and I'm still trying to navigate through a hodgepodge of different (and most of the time difficult) personalities. Still, I thought it was better than the depressing start I had from my previous job but I'm kind of finding out right now that people here can be just as terrible. :/

This made me realize that you never really realize all the good stuff you had until you've already move on to another job. /sap


Ugh. Anyway. Much excitingness is planned tomorrow as I'll get to see my arashi berks again after five months (wow, I live under a rock. I am such a loser. XD).

/dances FUNKY



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Like fuq, I am calling newsdesk after newsdesk and they keep asking me gibberish on streaming the Hong Kong New Year Countdown live feed. WHAT DO I TELL THEM LIKEASDFGHJKL /EXPIRES.

Anyway, until the countdown (which I still have to monitor) I'll be watching Kohaku. YES BBS I WILL SUPPORT YOU. ♥!! 8D

A FEW MORE HOURS UNTIL 2014. HERE'S TO STARTING THE YEAR RIGHT WITH RAINBOWS AND SPARKLES. I LOVE YOU GUYS. (even though I haven't been commenting on my f-list's blogs. T^T sowrie *cough*[ profile] quartered *cough*)


I love you all! 8'D
and the winning team for this year's Kohaku is... )
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So. here's another example of why I keep coming back to where the battle-royale-of-all-fandoms are done-- arama.


look! I even censored out her name. I'm so nice. <3 *rolls eyes* 8D

To be perfectly honest, I was waiting for her breaking point these last few months. I knew that all her 'I-like-JE-too-so-let's-all-get-along-teeheee' act was pretty much forced. Still. I wasn't expecting her to blow up this much.

Aaaand another one for the road:


Teehee. ♥ Morning world, morning Philippines! ♥
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I just wanted to say that I didn't win anything on the company bingo night.

Curse my rotten luck.



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