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2011-11-15 02:08 pm

another misery. i has it.

I can not believe I cried at an interview.


Well, in my defense, my Yaya and grandma's deaths are still pretty much a sensitive topic. :( But anyway, looking back, I kinda felt that I looked pretty pathetic then. 

I was all: ;___ ; 

while the interviewer was: : l

Hurr hurr. X'D

Dunno how that affected my application though and I'm crossing my fingers that me whimpering pathetically crying didn't hurt my chances of getting the job. :/

A gif for the road:

The AibaHyena laugh. Like a broken record on crack.
(lol. not mine. obviously. 8D)

Apparently, having a tumblr account has spurned my need to blog so... YAY! 8D/ I LIVE! 



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2011-02-07 01:12 pm

arashi 30-day meme challenge-- when the world was shaken by the scandals of pot and spit

Welcome, one and all, to the 2nd day of my ARASHI 30-DAY MEME. ARE YOU REYDIII?? *looks around*


Day 02 - A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression

Oh. where to begin, where to BEGIN. When I first started in this fandom (lol. I almost spelled that as fabdom :B *gets a kick out of her sorry excuse of a joke*), the biggest scandals were Aiba's nekkid pic with a gravure idol, Nino being poor in the past (and, no, I know this isn't exactly a scandal), Ohno eating newborns and Sho and Jun exiting a hotel together (8D 8D 8D *FLAIL*). There wasn't much, so it was a pretty clean fandom at that time. 

Then came the scandal that broke millions of hearts everywhere (nino included. although maybe that's just me. :/)- the 'Ohno-Smoking-Pot-and-Having-a-Threesomes-Like-a-Boss' issue.

(Shameless re-posting of pic. 8Db)
Threesomes and Llamas in one post! FTW! 8D )

lol. so I guess that's it for the 2nd day. 8Db I think I'm on a roll here. B )
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2008-06-21 12:12 am

Unh. =____= Do-douzo....

 *revives herself* I MAAADEE ITT!!! IT STILL BE FRIDAY!!! BANZAI!!! \(=O=)/ Gnh. I think... my brain already cracked open yet nothing good came out of it. D: Lau-channnn... gomen!! The other one will just have to be finished and posted sometime on Sunday.
Anyway, I bring you the first one. At least I managed to finish this. The other one just refuses to be finished. GNH. *engages in a fight with the other fic* I hate this. I should be stoned. XD
Hmm... more or less... here it is. Douzo.
Title: Silence
Pairing: G-U-E-S-S. :D Yep, they’re all MatsuJun centred because... well, he’s HOT... so hot that he should be blamed for Global Warming. <:
Rating: Umm... S for sparkles? XD Oh. There’s a bed by the way. Yes, there certainly IS :3
Notes: Unh... consider this as an epilogue for ‘Chocolates’ OKAY? :D Do you know how hard it is NOT to babble? O_O But, I’m pretty sure it came out that way anyway. XD
                Sho looked over his right hand and sighed. With all the news work, rehearsals, photo shoots and various show tapings pilling up, he felt really useless with his broken thumb. It has already been two days since the accident yet the others seem to treat him as if he just got back from some life-threatening condition.

*gasps* It's dooooneee!! *dances around like a crazy lunatic* Ahhh!! And just in time too!!I I need to tuck in coz it's a school day tomorrow!! D: Anyways... hope you guys enjoy this.. sorry if it took so long.. yesss... I like angst.. angst is goooooddd!! ^^

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2008-05-18 02:27 pm

*Battling with dust bunnies*

I am baccckk people!! :3

Soo.. how's everyone been doing..? I haven't updated my blog here in LJ for days now... I'm sorry, it's just that I realy need to clean the house for Monday! :D I'm so excited for the sleepover! *wobbles happilly* Weee~! :D Not a bad turnout either... out of the 7 people I invited 6 are going to come! First.. a little message for all of those lucky seven people. XD (oh yes, they are color-coded to match an arashi member! XD.. well, except the last two, that is... -___-;;) So... because I am pretty much sure that this'll get cross-posted in Multiply anyway....

A battle to the death! (*O*)/ )
So.. back to the insanities that my brain is apparently surely filled with.. XD


Minna!! I have to go now!! But first...

MITAN-CHAN!! :D So? Have you decided yet? :3 Hope you like this post.. sorry if I haven't been updating much. I look forward to your comments (and pics! XD) *raises arms up happilly*

DOU-CHAN!!! WHERE DID YOU GOOO? DOKOOO? DOKOOOO?? D: *looks around wildly* Nino-chan's asking for you!! Oh-chan's comforting him right now! *looks over to the two playing with Nino-Squid* Oh. And Nino-Squid wanted to tell you 'HI' too. -___-;; *Nino-Squid waves a tentacle at you*

LAU-CHAAANN!!! I have already sent my email!! :D How have you been girl? I haven't seen you much around! Daijoubu? I miss you naaa!! T__T

RAI-CHAAAN!!! Ne!!! Had Crunchy been buggin out on you too the other day? O___O I was all 'WTF?!' when it went all bonkers. -__-; Anyway, I'm still waiting for Riida's pic, ne? :D Hope you're fine!! Imissshhuu! XD

JA MINNA!! I probably won't be able to blog on Monday. :3 I'll miss you all! MWAH!*throws brownies around*