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Let me just cry for a moment for my WatanukiXDoumeki feels...


Anyway, just felt like re-watching the whole season 1 of xxxHolic so I downloaded it over torrent along with season 2 and those additional SP episodes and all I can just say is... f*ck. F*CCCKKK. ;___; NONONONONO.


THAT SCENE WHERE DOUMEKI HANDS WATANUKI AN INVITATION. HIS WEDDING INVITATION. Ugh, let me just dieeee. I mean, I already know what's going to happen but sh*t no nonononono it still hurts. ugh, the years of weird tension and all the subtle pushing from the characters around. I'm so confused. It's like everyone wants them to be together but then the story just suddenly takes a 180 degree turn to a whole different direction and I'm all 'COME ONNN D'''8'


Also, bonus pic (because Watanuki can actually do sexy shots like hellsyeaah 8'D):

bodeh )

/i know i have weird tastes
/yes. still a loser watching anime on weekends 8''D
/it hurts just like my sakumoto feels
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 *revives herself* I MAAADEE ITT!!! IT STILL BE FRIDAY!!! BANZAI!!! \(=O=)/ Gnh. I think... my brain already cracked open yet nothing good came out of it. D: Lau-channnn... gomen!! The other one will just have to be finished and posted sometime on Sunday.
Anyway, I bring you the first one. At least I managed to finish this. The other one just refuses to be finished. GNH. *engages in a fight with the other fic* I hate this. I should be stoned. XD
Hmm... more or less... here it is. Douzo.
Title: Silence
Pairing: G-U-E-S-S. :D Yep, they’re all MatsuJun centred because... well, he’s HOT... so hot that he should be blamed for Global Warming. <:
Rating: Umm... S for sparkles? XD Oh. There’s a bed by the way. Yes, there certainly IS :3
Notes: Unh... consider this as an epilogue for ‘Chocolates’ OKAY? :D Do you know how hard it is NOT to babble? O_O But, I’m pretty sure it came out that way anyway. XD
                Sho looked over his right hand and sighed. With all the news work, rehearsals, photo shoots and various show tapings pilling up, he felt really useless with his broken thumb. It has already been two days since the accident yet the others seem to treat him as if he just got back from some life-threatening condition.

*gasps* It's dooooneee!! *dances around like a crazy lunatic* Ahhh!! And just in time too!!I I need to tuck in coz it's a school day tomorrow!! D: Anyways... hope you guys enjoy this.. sorry if it took so long.. yesss... I like angst.. angst is goooooddd!! ^^

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Author: Satoshitomi
Pairing: Sho/Jun, SakuMoto
Summary: “...I thought you would always be there by my side... but, I should’ve known better than to think so... to hope so.”
Notes: ONE SHOT. This is for the loooovely [profile] lost_girl11 !! A belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Single Awareness Day gift! (and advanced Hapy Birthday! :D) 

YEY!! This is for yooooou lau-chan! <3! My first ever SakuMoto fic so pardon it's well.. quality... D: Hope u do enjoy it at least even a little bit! :D 

And.. AND! I PASSED!! YEEEY!! *twirls around happilly* BANZAIIII!!!!


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