May. 15th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I am so sorry my dear f-list!! I've been so busy these last few days and I haven't had enough time to do a blog entry for days now.. Oh yes. Sadly, I am still alive *cakles insanely* XD The house (specifically my room) is in an utter mess so it's up to me to go and free my room from the evil dust bunnies!! CHHAAARRGGEE~!! *waves plastic sword* (>O<)/ So, well... to pacify some/all of you.. I made this... (no, it's not a human sacrifice... sorry) gomen if it's too short.. and crappy. I blame the weather here... BLAME THE WEIRD WEATHER NOT MEEE!!  -___-;; Please don't murder me... Douzo.

Title: Ame
Author: MOI. :3
Pairing: Ohmiya...?
Rating: PG-13 

I dedicate this to my f-list.. who have been so supportive of whatever crack/insanities I post in my LJ. Thank you. (Dooouuuu-chhaann!!! :3 OhMiya angst for when you arrive on Mondaaaay~! :DV) F-LIST= !!! Arigatoouuu!! \(^_^)/

I made this while playing Southern All Star's 'Tsunami' which was also sung by Nino in, I think, Baystorm. I played this about 13 times to finish this fic. *scratches back of the head sheepishly* Ahh.. i hope it was okay...D: Gomen.. the rain here made me all angst-y feeling so... O_o I shall be updating my blog with my other crack-filled post maybe tonight or tomorrow... lost_girl11.... THE EMAIL. I PROMISE. ON FRIDAY. T__T


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