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Hello there, dear reader. Today, we shall be tackling the more complex and hidden part of a specialized branch of science. As far as common knowledge had told us, there are lots of various known branches of science but there is one that isn't readily spoken in the scientifc field, most scientists around the world even refuse to give comment of whether this specific branch is real or not. This is a very delicate subject and that is why only chosen few know about this.

A Gunderwear *snickers* History

At the fall of 1999, Johnny Kitagawa has discovered the missing link that other scientists had only dreamed of finding. Powered on with only a myth as his aide, he followed its directions to where the legendary Rainbow Sparklies were said to be kept. According to legends, whoever held power over these five chosen ones held power over the world. It's exact locations were not stated but was hinted that the five were said to be found at the end of the rainbow, at the time near the end  of the millennium. After countless explorations, Johnny and his faithfull henchmen SMAP (lead by the boulder-extrordinaire NAKAI and his GORO-CHAN) had finally discovered the ever illusive RAINBOW SPARKLIES that he had then, on the spot, dubbed as ARASHI.

Here, I would like to shed more light on the subject...
Arashiology 101 

(oh yes. Now with an epic pic. i be photoshop geniuz. 8D)

Lesson 1: The Specialized Branch of Ohnology (scientific name: Ohnois Gluttonis Buttisis)
Chapter 1: The Blank Stare
Now, many of us have seen this rare specimen (the Ohnois Gluttonis Buttisis) in its natural habitat of zoning out, usually in the episodes of Shukudai-kun and other Arashi shows on TV since its discovery on 1999. Some of us have also caught a glimpse of the ever elusive ‘Blank Stare’ in the process of studying this creature to a deeper depth. So, what exactly is this ‘Blank Stare’ you say? Is it the Ohnois Gluttonis Buttisis’ hidden power? It’s secret mating call? Well, in this study, I would like to further deepen your understanding of the OGB by giving you a briefing of the BS.

And here ends our first lesson in the first brach of Arashiology- Ohnology 101. Our research team is still gathering more data from our experiments and shall be doing more online crash courses in the near future. I hope that we have given light to this hidden subject and we would like to call to you people for support.

*clears throat*
Please look at us with GRENTLE eyes! *bows low* Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! m( - ___ - )m

(Note: I got 'Ohnois Gluttonis Buttisis from a fic involving Nino and Ohno's butt. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT FIC. IT HAS TOTALLY PUT ME INTO A PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT. XD)

Ah. ah. Minna! Genki? ^^
First of all, I would like to thank put blame on thank the following:

Because I feel like Miss Universe today.. 8D )
This is the reason why OHMIYA is meant to be....

bye bye!! ^^
NOTE (a big whooping oneeeee!!): OOOMMGG!! I SAW A PREVIEW OF JUN'S 24 HR TV umm.. what would you call it..? skit? O__O BUT. DAMN IT JUUUNN!!! YOU ARE EFFING HAAWWWT!! *flails around the room* And! And the kids is just toooo cute! :3 Is the girl.. Azusa? (spelling?) That girl in Bambino? is it her? I didn't get a good look at her face, I was too bust drooling at Jun. :D *flails away*


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