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The trailer for the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 came out earlier this week and it's like Christmas (or in this case HALLOWEEN) came early for youtube gamers/theorists everywhere!

My god. This series. <3 I may not play it but listening and reading theories about its storyline is just asdfghjkl!! :D

ALSO, new theories (I have no life 8D):

1) The 4th game is a prequel to AT LEAST* FNAF 3. A lot of theories have already popped up all over the net saying that 'Plushtrap' may be one of the things that were auctioned after the "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" location burned down in the third game. This was mainly because the third game was the first time where we saw Springtrap. But many disagree and believe that Springtrap/bonnie is already present in the first ever Freddy location-Freddy's Family Diner.

But what makes the trailer for FNAF4 confusing is the phrase 'What have you brought home?"

Does it mean 'What have you brought home from the AUCTION?' or does it mean 'What have you brought home? IS THAT A DEAD CHILD STUFFED IN A MINI GOLDEN BUNNY SUIT?? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??'

There is also the look of the house in the trailer. I don't know if it's just me but the red-patterned wallpaper kind of gives off the 70's/80's feel, ya know what I mean? XD
*I'm also putting the term 'at least' there because it's still a major possibility that this happens BEFORE any of the other games. Hurr.

2) Plushtrap contains 'Purpleman's' first kill. This theory came from FNAF 2's mini-game 'Take cake to the children' where the game gave us a glimpse of how it all started. Since there (seemingly) didn't have any kind of side-story or newspaper clipping which gave a nod to the body of the first dead child actually being found (only the 5 recent missing children were publicized) or other people actually knowing about the incident, I feel that it is possible that the purple guy took home the body of the child as some kind of 'trophy' of his first kill.

Working on what GameTheory mentioned in his video on the third FNAF game, he theorized that at the time of Freddy's Family Diner era, Purpleman has yet to form his so-called 'killing signature'...but maybe he HAS already created one through his first kill, only in this instance, he brought it HOME. This then went on as his signature move--stuffing dead children inside mascot suits.

Also, if you compare the size of Plushtrap to the wooden chair he's sitting as well as to the height of the doorways in the video, it's NOT improbable to think that a small, dead kid can be stuffed inside that uhh...stuffed toy? Mini-mascot?

3) Whether its 1987 or 1993, it's still November 13. (not really brandnewinfo!!11! material but... XD) Going back to the previous games, namely FNAF 1 and FNAF 2, we see a similarity in the last nights--something that can be found when we look at the last paychecks for each game. Whether its 1987 or xx, the date for Night 6 is always November 13.

The year for FNAF 2 (prequel) has already been established as 1987 and FNAF 1 is theorized to be around 1992 or 1993 through Mike and Jeremy's paychecks but what makes this even more intriguing is that we seem to play during this specific week (November 8-13) at both games. What is it with this week? Aside from the infamous bite of '87, what could be the significance of this specific date?

Continuing with this, FNAF 3 does not have a Night 6. Instead, we have 'NIGHTMARE' as the sixth night of the game.

What happened on the first ever 13th of November in the series?

Is it connected to the bite of '87?
Is it the death anniversary of the first child killed by Purpleman at the Freddy's Family Diner?
Is it the 'birth' of Springtrap?
Or is it the night where all the animatronics first came to life?

So many questions! 8D/ I'm hoping that Scott releases more teasers so that we can have more to look into before the fourth game comes out in August. :D

All in all, I'm really super excited for the fourth and last installment of FNAF. Scott Cawthon really did a great job with this entire franchise. MY BODEH IS READY FOR MOAR.

So... am I scaring you with my weirdness? 8D Sorry, I just need to let my brain frolic once in a while to forget about work and all that shit (excuse my French).


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