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I cannot believe that I spent Wednesday's last hours trying to drown out the stupidly opinionated voices of my lovely officemates.

Okay, let's reel back a few months to January when I finally managed to escape my first job (which I magnificently managed to survive for two years, mind you). I thought that anything else was better than playing the employee stuck in the suicide-inducing job that I had before but I was wrong.

So very




I thought I was past working with childish officemates when I graduated from my previous job. The place was a gossip-mecca but I see now that despite that, there's still a sense of decency with those people. Now, with my new job, I feel that I just went back in time to the treacherous and uncivilized jungle that is high school.

(sorry, post is kick-ass long. .__.)

Looking back, I really should be amazed at my intuition with people (excuse me for tooting my own horn, mmkay? 8D). First time I met with the people there I felt something uneasy within me and that somewhere deep inside I knew I wasn't going to really get along with them.

Ugh. A few weeks later, I finally know why (and yes, I feel the accuracy of my intuition with people still remains unrivalled).

Despite their "warm welcome" and all that ridiculous sh*t, on my second day I wanted nothing else but to just drop everything and run for the hills. The people were...well, I never really felt "welcomed" in the department (and even the whole office). I felt uneasy.. like there's something about them that I just couldn't place my finger on.

Later on, I found out one of the girls in my department that was leaving in a few weeks time had a "history" with another girl in our department. History meaning, she supposedly stole the other's boyfriend. While I don't approve of the behaviour, I most certainly don't agree with the way she was being treated at that time. In my two months of seeing her in the office, not a week passed by when I didn't see/hear others making jokes/remarks behind her back (and sometimes even right at her face).

I don't know what else she did to deserve the collective fury of the whole department. From what I gathered from one of the department beings' so-called rants was that she was, in general, bitchy and just plain annoying (with a side of 'feeling close'). What irks me the most is that they kept picking on her until her last day at work. I feel really sorry for her. It was depressing watching her on her last day when no one even acknowledged her (nobody even said goodbye aside from two people in the department). She just... pretty much up and left. I guess the girl she "stole" her boyfriend from did had um.. bashing rights but.. come on! The whole department? What the hell is wrong with these people? D: D:

So yeah, fast forward to last Wednesday-- the last workday before holy week vacation. I thought they already got over the whole yeah-she'll-forever-be-a-bitch-she-should-go-jump-off-a-cliff ordeal but apparently, the wounds brought about by pride (and social influence) does not fade easily.

Characters of the "story":

QB- Queen Bee. A guy. Gay. Well, yeah, I don't have anything against them (I have a lot of close friends that are gay and I just love them to pieces. <3)but, I call him the Queen Bee since I feel that he's really the ringleader behind all that happens/drama in the department. He likes to appear nice and sweet looking on the outside, but my intuition tells me that there's more under all that waffle.

Girl- I don't really have anything against her but she's really one of those people that travels around the QB's circle.

BExGF- Bitter Ex GirlFriend. Pretty much self-explanatory

NG- New Girl. She entered the office the same time as me. Besties with Mr. QB since college, and can be kind of nice at times but I think the only thing we have (and ever will have) in common is our office-debut.

Lawyee- A senior in the office. She's a lawyer and...pregnant and probably hormonal as well.

ET- Easy Target Girl. Poor thing, she left over a month and a half ago and people are still talking bad about her. Tsk.

DC- Department Crowd. these are the non-significant characters of the story that I don't really need to delve much into. So, yeah.. they're just there.

So, last Wednesday went something like this:

Lawyee: Ohmygod BExGF! You wanna use my tablet to look in FB?
BExGF: K~ (blahblahblah) BLAHBLAHBLAH

After a few minutes

BExGF: Ohmygod guys! Have you seen ET's posts in tumblr (or fb, I can't really recall)?? Grabe, I can't believe what's she's writing! Oh wow! This post was like... still from 2012!
DC: OH. LET US SEE. *crowds around the tablet
Girl: Hahaha! Katawa to ah!
NG: YES! AKO RIN GUSTO KO MAKITA! <--- ugh, this really pissed me off. Like really, USI much?
QB: HAHAHA, grabe, so arte ng mga post ni ate ah! *flips through her posts* AY ETO PA! HABA NG HAAIR!
BExGF: So ako raw ang di maka-move on? HAHAHA. NAKAKATAWA SIYA. GRABE
Everyone: *laughs*

After a few more minutes of digging

QB: OHMYGOD, ang kadiri naman ng mga yan! So like they're doing role playing with her boyfriend! YUCK!
BExGF: Kadiri!
NG: EWW!! Grabe guys! Listen to this!! *reads off some parts* Hahah! Walang katulad! Ang lande!
DC: Grabe nga! HAHAHA! Kakadiri sila! Patingin pa kami!
Lawyee: Hahahaha, gusto ko na nga iun-friend cia eh!
BExGF: I-unfriend mo na nga cia!
Lawyee: Sabi kasi sa akin nung kaibigan nia na she takes it personally when you unfriend her.
BExGF: Di masmaganda! HAhaahahah
DC: Hahaahah
NG: Akin nga muna yan! I want to read her post! Kaasar siya! <---------UGGGGGHH.
Lawyee: Hahah! Umiinit na ulo ni NG! *hands her the tablet anyway*
QB: Nako, mainit na ulo ni NG yan! Bigay mo sa kanya para masmaasar pa yan.

Well, thankfully, the clock struck 6 at last and I rushed to collect my stuff and left. T^T

Yes well, aside from all the drama in the office (and the kind of alienation they sometimes make me feel :/ enough drama na, will just elaborate on my succeeding posts XD), there's also the monstrous workload they like to dump on you. I want to be able to survive.. at least a year and after that I can pack my bags, leave and never look back on this horrid point of my life but I'm scared that I may not be able to even make it through my probationary period.

As I am still in a writing position (oh writing, when will I ever escape you? X_X) and I've been writing all the while for the last two and a half months, I'm starting to feel that I may not be at par with these people. I must say, I'm not confident calling my writing as an "art" but I always believed that I am a decent-enough writer.  However, in just a short span of two weeks since I entered the company, I've been seriously questioning myself of.."what the hell was I thinking?!"


Anyway. Here's to hoping I survive. Please. I just want to finish a year, save some money and build a good resume. I'm not asking for much but... *grovels* :((

On the lighter side-- I finally got me a gym membership last week. 8D Been doing some warm-ups these last few days to get ready for the real deal at the start of April. YAAY! 8D 8D 8D
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